Little Tikes Cozy Coupe…Officially the worst toy to ever have to assemble

I decided to buy E a Cozy Coupe Car before we left the US because they are 1/3 the price in the US that they are in Singapore (even accounting for the exchange rate).  I also decided to not put it together because it would be a pain for the movers to deal with as opposed to its nice little box.

How hard could it be to put together, I asked myself.

Famous last words.

The war of the coupe was declared three weeks ago when Ravi got to step 2 of the instructions and threw up his hands in irritation and disgust.  He also jammed a washer onto the wheel axle.

I spent three weeks trying to get that damn washer off the axle.

Today the reserve troops were called into action.  AKA I had 4 hours of handyman service to use, and after I had them take the doors off my wardrobes and hang my pictures, I decided it would be a productive use of their time to help me put this damn car together.

When assembling the roof the car, the pieces that were supposed to just “snap” into place did not snap.

We actually had to resort to cooking oil to get four of the pieces into place, which is when B, my helper also got roped into this freak show.

Over an hour later, five adults (One of whom has a degree from MIT, which was useless in this particular war, and two of whom are professional handymen), a power drill, and several pieces that I think were supposed to go somewhere but they didn’t and so I threw them out in denial…the car is working.

This was officially the WORST, most painful toy assembly I have ever gone through.

The fact that she has yet to stop playing with it?   Makes it all worthwhile.

Yes, those are my swim goggles she’s playing with

But to those of you who have not yet gotten one of these stupid cars…buy yours off craigslist, from a consignment store or get it from Freecycle.  Do NOT try to assemble the damn thing yourselves.

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