Odds and Ends…

I got my a1c number yesterday…6.5, which is the first number that qualifies you for a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.  Honestly, I think it’s largely influenced by the month of super crap I ate before we left the US.  I’m going to wait a few months and get the a1c repeated before I take it too seriously.  Considering I weigh less than I did when I got pregnant with Elanor and still losing, I’m not super worried.

Not shocking considering my intestinal bug and Ravi’s pneumonia, but I’ve put off potty training for a few weeks because we’re just not in a place to do this correctly.  Right now it would be too many mixed messages and not enough reinforcement.  I bought some diapers and then we’ll try pull-ups again.  I also have a book that talks about potty training depending on the personality of the kid.  I generally am over the whole parenting book “thing” but this seems like something worth perusing.

In the area of self-improvement, I’m perusing online open courses at MIT, Notre Dame and other strong schools.  Maybe something in History, Literature, Anthropology or an area of personal interest.

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  1. Saffy says:

    I didn’t expect to read “a1c” on your blog without a small person growing in your tum. 6.5 is my aspirational goal for pre-preg! So you know the drill? It’s a 3 monthly average. So yeah, if you ate complete crap a.k.a lots of processed carbs, then maybe it is affected. And, I’m guessing that I’m telling you how to suck eggs, but gestational diabetes is often an indicator of future T2?

    You’re losing? What’s the secret? Illness? If that’s the secret I’d rather just get out there and walk…. and cut the carbs back. Not to Atkins-y levels, just so I can take less insulin and be kinder on my bod.

    r.e. the toilet training. Remember to take good notes on what works because I’ll be tapping you on the shoulder before you know it 😉

    Your online courses sound fab. I’ve been thinking along the same lines. History *purr*. Or perhaps I should do that last crappy mgmt paper to get my diploma? *not so purr * :p

    • Crystal says:

      So my a1c is generally borderline…basically I’m insulin resistant when not pregnant. Because the threshhold is lower when you’re pregnant, I was re-classified as a T2 for the duration of my pregnancy. Since I had to have bloodwork anyway with this food poisoning thing, I asked for it just to know where it stood. As it turns out, I’m wrong and 6.5 is the threshold…I think at 6.6 I get the classification but right now I’m fine.

      Losing…move to Singapore and sweat it off? Not be able to get some of the crap food you love? Sorry, nothing special other than that.

      I say do the damn paper and get it over with 🙂 Then reward youself with a pretty pretty history class!

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