Elanor and speech

One of things I get most stressed about when it comes to Elanor’s developmental progress is her speech.  I try not to compare her to others her age, but it’s hard.  I know for a fact that her stroke was in the higher order thinking and speech part of the brain.

On one hand, I think teaching Ella some signs was one of the best things we’ve done.  She can communicate with us, and gets significantly less frustrated because we can get her what she wants (eat, more, tired, please).  Within the last few weeks she has started shaking her head yes and no, and most of the time (better than 80%) gets the yes/no right.  You can ask her a question and she’ll respond with a yes or no head shake.

She does have words, but she has days when she talks and days when she’s mostly quiet of most of her verbalization is nonsense words or things like laughter…not speech.  On those days I worry.

Then there are the days when she says “uh oh” any time something isn’t going quite right (like the episode of Sesame Street is ending), mimics a word she’s hearing (right now she’s mimicking and repeating “sing” and “sorry”…sing because she’s seeing the celebration of 25 years of Sesame Street music dvd and sorry because she’s been a bit slappy and kicky lately so we’ve been emphasizing saying “sorry”).  She says “mama” specifically when she wants me.  When Ravi gets home, he usually get “Da!”  Other words that float in and out of her vocab are apple (appa), banana (nana), dog, ball, circle (circ), up (which can mean up or down), yum (or yum-ma!), want that (wan dat)/what’s that (wa dat) with some question as to whether it’s two things or one and we interpret it depending on the situation, sock (socky), okay, bye-bye (which she’ll also use to mean stop or I don’t want that besides it’s regular meaning), and probably one or two others that I’m blanking on.  I know you’re supposed to keep a running list on the fridge, but I’m a bad mom and never did that…she used to only know a few words so I just knew them.

Those are the days when I tell myself to relax and take a chill pill.

The problem is that I never know which kind of day it’s going to be…but I think increasingly we’re having more verbal days.

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  1. Saffy says:

    That, my dear, sounds like a good news story 🙂

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