She’s a big kid now…

I have moved Elanor out of diapers into pull-ups with the (crazy) notion of moving towards potty training.

I have no idea if this is going to prove wise or profoundly stupid…but she’s my first and hence my guinea pig so that I can be the PERFECT PARENT ™ with siblet ™ when he/she makes his/her appearance several years down the line.

All kidding aside, I made the call because she HATES laying down to get her diaper changed and has started with the kicking even as she’s asking for the diaper change and doesn’t want to be dirty…and because I think she might be ready for toilet training.  She’s interested in the whole “going to the bathroom” thing.  She likes to hand me toilet paper.  She likes her potty (even if what she seems to like most is the idea of picking it up, taking it into the living room and putting blocks in it).  She doesn’t want to be dirty/wet and asks for the change.  As she learns to do the pull up/push down thing, she’ll learn it gives her control and E is ALL ABOUT control over her own destiny…the biggest temper tantrums are always about losing control (being put to bed, being put into the stroller instead of walking on her own, etc).

We’re going to move slowly on this…the last thing I want to do is set up a bad dynamic with the potty.  And she *is* very young by modern standards (although not by those of our parents, if my reading is to be believed).  I’m open to the idea that we may even go back to diapers if pull-ups don’t improve the change experience.  Or hey…six months from now she might be potty trained (during the day at least).

I’m kind of open to any the outcomes…but as with everything, I’m just trying something that I think might work with no real idea if it will or not.

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4 Responses to She’s a big kid now…

  1. Saffy says:

    I did a big sharp intake of breath as I read that E was moving to big girl’s (ish) pants!! oh em gee. I’m guessing not ones with a denim print tho huh? :p You know that I’m looking to you for the lead on this one and will learn from your awesomeness (and perhaps little lesson every now and then)…

  2. Saffy says:

    Off topic but I’ve v excited for you that your stuff has arrived!!!

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