Elanor on Mother’s Day

So we’re probably going to a little pic/vid heavy over the next short bit of time as I catch y’all up on what we’ve been doing, since I had crappy internet in our serviced apartment and couldn’t do the uploads there.

So, Mother’s Day 2010

We had tried to find a western hotel brunch that was doing “International” (code for American) food…on the higher end, because there’s no point in schlepping ourselves to a hotel brunch if it isn’t time for dress-up and my pretty jewelry too.  There were two, both were fully booked by the time I got around to trying to make reservations.

Luckily, Singapore has an Outback Steakhouse (for the non-Americans…Outback is a slightly cheesily Australian themed–make that “Australian” themed steak restaurant).  Outback has two things that I adore (beyond a good steak)-a fantastic honey wheat dough bread and a spicy deep fried onion thing.  So we went to Outback.

However, Mother’s Day is most notable because it was the first time I have achieved this…

It’s a wee little pony tail!

She looks like a real little girl, and not a baby….my heart just broke a little

Elanor has a new thing in restaurant high chairs…she doesn’t want to keep her legs through the holes.  We’re working on it, but then a camera was required…

I’m ‘jes chillin’, mommy

That would be our DNA exerting itself on our unsuspecting child

Mother and Daughter….

And finally for laughs…a video of Miss Ellie

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  1. Saffy says:

    c.u.t.e!! 🙂

  2. Ange says:

    omg. . . that camera-kiss just did me in. Thanks Ellie!! Just what I needed!!! 🙂

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