Regression/Anxiety is killing me

Elanor has had a sudden regression in sleep habits.  I can’t really blame her with all the change and upheaval in her life, but if I have a major vulnerability, it’s sleep.

She doesn’t want to be alone (in fact, has gotten so upset at being left alone she has thrown up twice in the last week-and no, she isn’t sick-she just cries so hard and gets so worked up she throws up) but she can’t get comfortable co-sleeping-we move too much or something, she needs music or something on the iPod (and possibly the light from it) to relax enough.

I’m letting it slide right now, but I worry that I’m letting bad habits form as I’m jut basically giving her whatever works (and lately that’s been the tv on in the living room) and letting her stay up far later than even we night owls are happy with.

But I think that in a few weeks when our stuff comes from the US and we’re all settled into the new place we will have to start back at square one with her (or whatever square it is when you have to break new bad habits along with re-enforcing the older more positive ones).

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3 Responses to Regression/Anxiety is killing me

  1. as you may or may not know, the who is an ok sleeper at best, so i think i know how you feel about undoing sleep habits or creating new bad ones, but i think you probably need to let it go and just do whatever it takes until you are all settled in with your stuff. kind of treat these next few weeks as a vacation (and i don’t know about you, but on vacation, it’s all about doing whatever it takes so everyone sleeps.)

    worry about re-training her to sleep when you’re settled in. good luck!

  2. Christine says:

    Also check this out:

    Ry’s doing the same thing right now and we haven’t moved anywhere!

    • Crystal says:

      @Christine…crap, that’s EXACTLY where we are (the link). Time to suck it up and ride it out, I guess.

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