Move over Elmo…

Elanor has discovered The Fairies

It’s fan-fairy-tastic!

This is Australian Kids show (apparently remaking an older version of the same show).  I saw the dvd on the shelf next to all the Elmo and decided to check it out.  Definitely something that I occasionally make fun of (the episode “Honesty is Very Cool” just begs for mockery) but the singing voices of Harmony and Rhapsody aren’t stereotypical kids show super high irritating ones (Elmo, I’m looking at you) although they can do the super high pitched irritating giggles.

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3 Responses to Move over Elmo…

  1. Aimee says:

    Gah. Sometimes I’m so glad I have a boy. He can watch fairies later if he chooses, but while I choose I prefer Kipper and Pingu, thanks!

  2. Saffy says:

    Um, does this mean you’re out at the markets hunting down the ‘right’ fairy wings for a certain daughter? Is the Elmo affair over… or is this just a fling?

  3. Crystal says:


    @Saffy-No, the fairies are just a fling (and a welcome relief at times) but her love for Elmo is Eternal

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