Letting her grow can hurt me…

I’m trying to encourage E to feed herself using her utensils.  This is proving painful to watch as he struggles, elects to just use her other hand, and generally makes a mess of herself.

Part of me wants to do it for her, but then again, I don’t want to be doing it for her when she’s 8 (one of the many stories that made my eyebrows just lift right off my face from B about her former family and how different we are from them).  Part of me just cringes at the mess…but that’s why it’s all washable (including the baby), right?

What has been the most painful part of watching your little one grow….for YOU?

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3 Responses to Letting her grow can hurt me…

  1. watching the who learn to eat is painful for me too. it is such a colossal mess. i had/have the hardest time with applesauce and yogurt. argh! when he puts it in his hair at breakfast, just mere hours after his bath from the night before. kills me.

    another painful part — and this is pretty common, i’m sure — is watching him suffer frustration or pain. i know it’s part of life and it’s good for him to build resiliency and all the other good things that come from learning to feel all your feelings, but still. when he just can’t carry something because it’s too big for his little hands or when he just tries and tries and tries and fails…i feel so sad for him.

  2. Saffy says:

    I struggle with that too, and we’re just getting going. I’m not sure honestly if it’s feeling bad that she’s struggling to get the coordination, or if it’s me wanting to hurry her up/avoid mess.

    I also struggle with when she hurts herself and I can’t fix it. All I can do is cuddle. At least then she calls me by name – the only time.

    The other painful thing is when she’s in a setting with kids who are that little bit older than her and she’s like a stunned mullet. She just looks so overwhelmed. Then I feel for her.

  3. Saffy says:

    PS: We went to a friend’s place yesterday and I thought of you. They had this crazy Elmo toy that touched it’s toes and rolled over on the floor. Does that sound familiar? She warned us it could freak Minx out. Thankfully it didn’t 🙂

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