The last few days in Elanor’s World


*Brushes some cobwebs off a corner of the screen*

My, it’s a bit dusty here, isn’t it?  Sorry about that…it’s been a crazy first week here in Singapore.  I’ll try to do better here in the future.

I’ve done a few posts over on the Singapore blog, but I really want to make the two blogs different creatures, so I won’t re-post them directly, although of course I’ll address some of the same stuff.  With luck, that will make both worth reading…I hope.

Friday (last day in the US)

On Friday I packed, ran errands (including getting our Bon Voyage cake, which said “Bon Voyage Crystal, Elanor and Raul” rather than Ravi.  Ironically, since E’s name is the one I’m use to people “misspelling” (doing the traditional spelling) I almost missed the typo on Ravi’s name.

We were lucky to have a great many friends come to the party, some with their babies/toddlers/kids. A bit clingy at first, E eventually realized that people were happy to adore her and began to mingle.  This, by the way, translates to begging for/stealing food like we’d never fed the child before.  Elanor mostly “played” with her buddy Z, who was the closest in age/interests to her.  He just slays me when he calls her “Ella”…not sure why, but probably because he was the first child to directly address E by her name.

She went down sometime around midnight after the last guests left.  E is nothing if not social…if there were people around, she was up.

Saturday (travel day)

Elanor was possibly more grumpy than I was to be awakened at 4:30am.  She perked up when we got to the airport (too many new people/things to see), which was both a good and bad thing.  Good in that she was ready to get put down, and bad because I was trapped at the ticket counter.  They were all stressed that I had a one-way ticket and it took far too many people and too much time to decide that I would get to leave the country.  Luckily, my in-laws were with us and my MIL kept E entertained for the most part during the 30 or so minutes it took for everyone to get on the same page…namely that I wouldn’t hold United Airlines responsible for being deported or whatever in Singapore because I didn’t have a return ticket (never mind that I was showing them the letter that I had pre-approval for a Dependent Pass and just have to go do a few things in person…which would mean…wait for it…IN SINGAPORE where United didn’t want to let me leave for).  Head desk.

Once we got past security, it was actually a very smooth trip.  Yes, it was long as hell, and yes, tempers and nerves were frayed at points.  But E being confined to her car seat instead of wiggling around in my arms and dislocating my shoulder with sleeping baby was a major improvement.  She slept better, we slept better.  I even got to watch a movie on my iPod-miracle of miracles.

Sunday Night/Monday super early

We arrived safely in Singapore, got porters and cleared immigration and customs.  We stayed at a hotel the first night, where we arrived around 1:30am.  We dropped our stuff and made haste for the 24 hour McDonalds next door where we all inhaled prodigious amounts of food after the crappy airline food/the junk food we’d brought on board (even Elanor ate a lot).


We moved into Service Apartment #1.  I was taken back to see that it bore NO resemblance to the pictures on the website, and was quite dingy and run down.

Elanor, however, only saw the small staircase between the dining room and the living room and every moment that she was awake and we were in the apartment, this was all she was doing.

Yes, she fell.

Yes, multiple time.

Yes, I hated those damn stairs, but it wasn’t the reason we left that apartment


I woke up from my concrete gulag prison mattress to find bugs crawling in and out of my laptop.  The hysterical demands to move NOW were issued loudly enough that I’m sure at least S heard them in New Zealand if not my friends in San Francisco.  Yes so THAT’S what that high pitched shrieking was.

We moved, and I spent the rest of the day in the new serviced apartment unpacking and grateful for the not shabby (although certainly not chic) surroundings that also seemed bug free.

Wed & Thurs

I apartment hunted all over the freaking city, and Elanor stayed with a helper (who we actually were able to hire..YAY.)

After apartment hunting on Wed, the helper (B) and I took E with us and went shopping.  The extra set of hands was helpful, but there were definitely awkward moments.  For example, she is used to pushing the stroller.  I’m used to pushing the stroller.  At any given moment, each of us were ready to reach out and push the stroller…it was actually kind of funny.


We went swimming and then went to an American mom’s apartment for a playdate.  I was pathetically glad to see things like cheerios and cheetos and to talk to other moms.  Moving somewhere new is weird and its hard to figure out what the “right” thing to do in any situation is.  You don’t know where to go for the X or to see the Z.  Talking to other moms really cut down on the red tape for me and is making a huge difference, even if its just finding out where the cheerios are cheapest.


Mostly a lot of hanging out with Ravi and more shopping (groceries and such).

Elanor saw me use a q-tip and ever since has been going around trying to stick things in her ears.  On Saturday night I caught her trying to shove an apple slice down her ear and she threw a full scale toddler tantrum when I stopped her.  I think I saw a three year old taking notes, it was so dramatic and spectacular.  And yes, she was ready for bed…how did you know?

Quick note—photo uploads are slow as molasses here, so I’ll just be doing an occasional video until we move into the real apartment in a few weeks.

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  1. Saffy says:

    I’m so pleased that Tuesday’s a distant memory 🙂

    Congrats on settling in so quickly. Nice that E has a little foodie friend already, too. The fact that you have a ready made network is going to make the transition easier too huh? Yay.

    And you’ve already popped into Ikea. Is this one of your busiest weeks ever (besides of course anything to do with a busy E week)?

    I hope Ravi’s liking his job?

    Happy setlling in 🙂

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