Easter…long since past

I totally forgot to post these pictures from like a week ago!

My mom and aunt came over for “Easter” on Good Friday, which my mom had off.  For the record, I’m an atheist, but I find it HYSTERICAL that Christians color eggs and hunt eggs on Easter and most can’t tell you why.  As a historian…I can.  Pre-Christian fertility holiday…where did you think all the eggs and bunny’s were coming from?  Like Christmas it’s a holiday celebrated on a specific date because the church was having trouble with forcing conversion upon a resistant population and the only way from keeping people from fucking in the fields (fertility holidays) was to create/move/whatever a holiday where they had to be in church all day.  And like Christmas trees, it’s so adorable how Christians think they INVENTED it instead of co-opting it.  And thus, as an atheist and specifically as a former Catholic, I celebrate the parts of Easter I find amusing (eggs, egg hunts, presents, candy) and dismiss the parts I don’t (church, a zombie Jesus, sin, Heaven and Hell).

So…we colored eggs

Egg, you say?  What do I do with it?

Okay Mommy, I’ll humor you…

Huh…would you look at that??

See what I did???  I made…I don’t know what, exactly, but since it makes you happy, Mommy, I’m happy.

There were baskets with presents

Presents?!  Now I’m happy!!

Yes it’s a goddamn Elmo basket…stop laughing S-I know you are

We hunted eggs

Ignore all the other crap in the background…we’re hunting EGGS

And we’re taking them out so we can hunt them again

And I took the opportunity to dress my kid in a stupid costume (sort of)

If you ever show this to a boy/girlfriend I bring home, I’ll hurt you Mommy.  Grandma…I thought you were way nicer than this.

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5 Responses to Easter…long since past

  1. Saffy says:


    And I sound like such a clone, but yeah, putting my Historian hat on, I always smile at these particular times of year. One day I’ll tell you about the religious history paper I did and all the comparisons of various versions of the bible… but that’s total side tracking.

    I’m glad that E got an Easter w the family…and, Elmo :p

  2. Christine says:

    Well if you’re going to accuse people of ignorance, may as well get it right.

    I take it it’s been a while since you’ve been to a church. As a Catholic (even a former one) I’m surprised you think the eggs/bunny are part of easter. Just like with St. Patrick’s day and Christmas, there are certainly pagan/celtic traditions that have been commercialized and added to the celebration of Christian holidays in order to sell commercial goods. This does not mean a practicing Christian is obligated to understand those stories. They’re truly NOT part of the holiday celebrated by Christians on those days and devout Christians do not incorporate them.

    It’s really not accurate to say those traditions were co-opted by Christians (Hallmark and Cadbury, maybe…). It’s really the Ostara bunny, not the Easter bunny but given how few practicing wiccans there are, you can see how it became the latter.

    Just like how practicing Catholics go to church on St. Pat’s day, not to the bar, many practicing catholics ignore the whole egg/bunny/santa thing–especially if they don’t have kids and/or are not in the U.S. It’s really no more silly that a Christian with kids incorporates the bunny than it is that you do as an atheist. At the end of the day, if you’re ignoring the true religious aspects of the holiday in lieu of buying candy and eggs at CVS, you’re just a practicing capitalist.

  3. Crystal says:

    I stand corrected Christine..you are correct that the church does not official recognize the Easter Bunny. However, I am not incorrect that the date it is celebrated on was a deliberate choice by the church and for the reasons stated. ZombieJesusDay (btw… just heard that term this year and absolutely LOVE it) is again a deliberate choice by those in power to twist their “religion” to suit their needs (as were the books chosen for the Bible during the council of Nicea to better consolidate Constantines power base in exchange for free forced conversion).

    However, let’s not pretend that most people have no idea what’s with the rabbits or eggs and I’ve heard many a self-professed Christian embrace them as part of the religious tradition.

    And indeed, you are also correct that I’m a practicing capitalist. In fact, am a HUGE fan of capitalism, shopping, and brand names 🙂

  4. Crystal says:

    And for the record…other than for the joys of architecture, I have proudly not been a member of the Catholic Church or attended their services since I was 12 and had the third priest in the third different parish in a row give the “single moms are evil and going to hell” speech. All things considered, that was more than enough to cause my own personal Great Schism with the church.

    Never receiving a good answer to why I couldn’t grow up and be Pope was another.

    I’d like to claim their stance on gay rights was part of it, but I wasn’t aware enough to be there at that age…maybe if I’d stuck around another 5-7 years though, I’d like to think it would have been.

  5. Saffy says:

    Do you ‘do’ blog awards? I’ve resisted awarding you one but this one is pretty cool – it’s all about what makes you happy. It’s awaiting you over at my place.

    On the subject of happy – happy relocation 🙂 Glad it has gone pretty smoothly so far!!

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