Cue “Final Countdown” by Europe…

Strictly by the numbers…. (thanks to Saffy for the inspiration)

18 days until we leave on April 17, 2010.

17  days until our going away party

16 more bags to pack (10 bags, the travel cot, 3 carry ons and 2 personal items)

14 more bottles of shampoo/conditioner to buy for Ravi (which I’ve delegated off to my mother in law)

13 days until we hand in the keys to our apartment

12 eggs to color on Friday with my mom and aunt as we move up Easter to better suit our availability

11 eggs that will get thrown away most likely (not a big egg eater)

10 emails to get our flight properly booked (plus I’m going to have call and argue with the airline directly)

9 new dvd’s to put into the binders

8 finger (and 2 thumbs) working to the bone

7 days until the movers come to start getting things out of the apartment

6 hours of sleep if I’m lucky–damn insomnia

5 hours of sleep will be more likely

4 days until Elanor’s going away play date party

3 packages on their way from Ebay that need to get here soon!

2 foreign domestic workers to interview and decide on

1 last Early Intervention session and gymnastics class left for Ellie

Okay so some of those were a little padded, but none the less, that is my life right now.

We are in the last 2.5 weeks before we leave and the days feel like they’re slipping through my fingers faster than I can stand.  I look around the apartment and feel distressed because nothing is packed (because I’m NOT ALLOWED to pack ANYTHING).  Because we’re sending stuff to my in-laws as well as my parents and Singapore, I feel like we’re mostly moving shit from place A to place B without it accomplishing much of anything.  I’m totally in over my head when it comes to this whole “foreign domestic worker” thing (ie hiring a live in maid)–it’s a lot like setting up an arranged marriage in India (which,obviously, was not Ravi’s and my set up).

In short….I feel like blasting “Final Countdown.”

Screw it…I will…

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One Response to Cue “Final Countdown” by Europe…

  1. Saffy says:

    Oh yeah, the ultimate NYE song huh? Or maybe I’m just an 80s freak.

    Lovely factual info there, my dear. April 17 sure is soon. So does that mean that you’ve got 6 more days to shop your heart out before they pack it all up??

    Hope you feel better soon. Talk about crap timing. Actually I guess *touch wood* being sick while travelling would be worse still … but then again… you might get some spare seats around you hehe

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