Thank you

I want to write something longer and more coherent, but for now…


Thank you President Obama.  Thank you Speaker Pelosi.  Thank you Representatives Markey and Capuano.

It’s done.

I can not even begin to put into words the weight that has lifted off my heart.

As of today there are no lifetime caps.

In 4 years there will be no health insurance company in the US that can tell Elanor no because of her pre-existing conditions.

The implications for her future are so big and so wonderful.

I am crying grateful tears as I type this…

And finally a major THANK YOU to my former Senator, Ted Kennedy, whose dream this was.  The home run may have come too late for you to see it, but if there is an afterlife, I know you’re raising a glass and weeping with joy.  It never would have happened if you had been pushing for it until the day you died.  You were truly one for the ages and I am so proud that I got to vote for you at least once in my lifetime.

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