Why does all my baby free time happen when I’m sick?

Yesterday Ravi and I asked my in-laws to watch E so we could go grab lunch and then talk through some logistics for our upcoming move.

Things didn’t work out the way we had hoped.  We had lunch at Johnny Rocket’s at the Burlington Mall, did some quick shopping and then headed over to a Toys R Us to get some stuff for Elanor.  I started feeling unwell on the drive over, and when we got to the TRU, I headed to the women’s room….where I threw up.  I came out for about 10 minutes and then went back and threw up again.  I came out and a half hour later I threw up again.  We got out of there, got in the car and from the passenger seat I threw up out of the window.  We made it back to Waltham, but I made Ravi pull into a parking lot so I could throw up.  We got home and I threw up.

Fast forward 8 hours of throwing up and other unpleasant bodily excretions, eventually happening every 30 minutes like clockwork.

At some point Ravi threw up.  He only threw up twice more…for which I resent him just a little bit.

My in-laws came over at some point with the baby, took one look at me and took the baby back home with them.

Since about 4/6 am no one has thrown up.  But we spent a huge chunk of the day comatose.  My in-laws decided to keep Elanor until tomorrow when they go to brunch (which understandably they don’t want to take Elanor to).

But seriously?  Why is it that all of my baby free time has been when I’m flat on my back sick.  And seriously?  Why have I been more sick in the last month than I have been in the last 5 years (not counting my pregnancy related puking)?

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2 Responses to Why does all my baby free time happen when I’m sick?

  1. saffy says:

    Dude! I thought you’d been quiet. Hell, that is a really rough run of illness. Maybe it’s the trusty old combo of run down immune system + stress? Argh. That must’ve been one heinous trip to the mall.

    I guess ‘at least’ Ravi got it too so you know that it wasn’t just you?

    Hang in there. Here’s hoping you’re well again soon… and that E doesn’t get it! >:D<

  2. sounds to me like food poisoning, actually.
    sorry. ick 😦

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