You know where good intentions lead…

At the advice of some moms I met in Singapore, I’ve been buying some things ahead of schedule as they are hard to find or ridiculously expensive there.

With that in mind, I went to a local kids consignment store called Children’s Orchard near my in-laws house.  I was so excited when just outside the front door there was a play kitchen for only $50 (new ones go for twice that or more) with some pots and pans and such.

I picked that and a few other things and got everything to my car.

The play kitchen didn’t fit in my trunk, and of course I have Elanor’s monstrosity of a carseat in my backseat.

I called Ravi, who came with his dad in another car.

The play kitchen didn’t fit any better in the other car.

“It would work if we had some twine or a bungee cord,” Ravi said.

“The bungee cord’s at home,” replied my father-in-law.

We debated someone going back to their house for a third car and/or bungee cord.

In the end we put it back in the trunk and I drove behind my father in law, both of us doing about 20 miles per hour.

Good intentions….they pave the road to hell, which is where you think you are when driving down a Boston road at half the speed everyone thinks you should be.

Also-make a 20 minute shopping trip into a 90 minute stressfest.

The damn thing is now safely in my apartment and will now be the mover’s problem.

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