Scenes from Singapore

A few videos and pictures from the trip

Elanor in the stroller that the hotel lent us until ours was found and returned to us by Singapore Air.

First impressions of Singapore

Checking out the balcony of our hotel room

Skyline view #1 from our hotel balcony

Skyline View #2 from our hotel balcony

A zoomed in shot of the cranes that unload the ships, taken from our hotel balcony

Skyline with the Singapore version of the London Eye (too lazy to look up the name of the tourist attraction in Singapore…but same difference…you ride in a pod, you get a 360 view of the city)

A view of one of the two hotel pools from our balcony.  We were on the 2oth floor, the pool was on the 8th.

Elanor “swims” in the pool

Elanor with a Chinese New Year orange tree.  She ripped a bunch of oranges off one in the Singapore Airlines lounge after trying to get at them throughout the city for a week and constantly being thwarted by me.

They love their shopping in Singapore

Decorations for Chinese New Year at one of the Malls

A bathroom sign at the mall.  I took the picture because in my mind it looks like they’re jumping for joy.  Like “YAY…I get to go to the BATHROOM!!!”  While it may show how lame I am, I’m still laughing at it 3 weeks later.

Cotton-top Tamarinds at the Singapore Zoo

Free-Range Monkey at the Singapore Zoo

There’s a few other zoo vids at my youtube page…I won’t bore you with them…

Elanor by the entrance to the Singapore Zoo

One of their gorgeous White Tigers

Wearing Having a bit of water before the Elephant Show.  She had been wearing a skirt that matched the top, but it was a bit long for climbing up and down the stairs while we waited for the show, so I changed her into this one.

An elephant with its mahout.

In the Garden

From the Zoo’s KidzWorld Waterpark

Video of Elanor at the waterpark

Mmmm …a healthy lunch

I call this one “What?”

Our little family

Fireworks!!!  I’m guessing for Chinese New Year

They were advertised as Nachos with cheese.  At home we call them Nacho Cheese Doritos with a bunch of string cheese melted on them.

While on the subject of food…seen in a donut shop in the mall our hotel was connected to.

On left “Choco Caviar Mint-Bite more ‘cool’ chocolate to make you relax”

On right “Choco Caviar Strawberry-Sprinkle premium chocolate with strawberry that will tickle your mouth”

“Hazel Dazzle-Be sexy with dazzling hazelnut chocolate and get suprised with coffee cream”

“Oreology–Biology=lousy  Geology=sleepy  Oreology=yummy!”

In what became a bit of a theme, Elanor was randomly given this gift with a “Happy Chinese New Year” by a complete stranger on the subway.  Two oranges were inside.

Sentosa Island, where we spent our last day before getting on the plane home at 11pm that night.  We spent several hours at the aquarium, called Underwater World

Feeding Freshwater Fish

Clips from the Dolphin Show

PINK DOLPHINS–it’s like every girl’s dream come true…if only there were ponies too (j/k)

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  1. Robin says:

    i love that ravi has an old-school calculator watch. awesome.

    • Taking a Chance on Baby says:

      That’s actually his second since we got together 5 years ago. Best part? He bought it on Ebay while I was in labor…

  2. saffy says:

    Great pics 🙂 Hmmm did you struggle leaving the island to return to snow??

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