E’s home, we’re still sick

We brought Ella home on Friday, even though we’re both still sick.  I, however, am able to remain conscious for normal periods of time even if I am going to bed very early by my regular standards.

It’s been a bit of a balancing act, and I’m ashamed to say this, but part of me is relieved that either (a) she’s not over her jetlag yet (it hasn’t even been a week, so let’s not expect too much from the 15 month old) or (b) she’s got a bit of a cold herself because she’s been taking marathon 4 hour naps and doing a solid 12 at night, going down earlier than normal by 1-2 hours.  Regardless, as I’m not firing on all cylinders myself, I’ll take it, because E at full strength would end up with me putting Elmo on tv as I cough and hack until I pee myself (you’re welcome for the visual image) on our elderly couches.

However, in a spontaneous burst of language, I’ve heard Elanor clearly say (and wave) “bye bye.”  It sometimes comes out as “die die,” which makes me want to snicker.  Ravi swears he’s heard “elo” for Elmo…when he’s been on duty he’s told her that if she asks for it, he’ll put it on…something I put a stop to this morning.  It’s one thing to use Elmo as a pacifier when your toddler is raring to go at 3am in Singapore and you’re trying to sleep….it’s another to let her have it a lot at home.  So I have (theoretically) banned all Elmo for a week, at which point she can start having Sesame Street (well, Elmo’s World) again so I can get stuff done.

Regardless, I’m very relieved by the emergence of words.  It’s hard with a child like Elanor, where you know too much about the medical stuff going on, but I KNOW that the stroke happened in the speech and higher order thinking part of her brain.  And I know I shouldn’t compare her with other kids, but her peers seem to have SO MUCH more language than she does.  So anything feels like a huge deal.  Even when it’s “die die” for “bye bye.”

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One Response to E’s home, we’re still sick

  1. saffy says:

    I get the snicker – that’s so very very cute 🙂 Hopefully you’re going to spontaneously recover today because boy you’ve had a rough few days – and just as well your couches are elderly :p

    I guess Singapore isn’t top of your mind right now but fingers crossed you get the answer you want, soon.

    And what’s the deal with Elmo? Is he just plain old HIDEOUS to listen to? From memory, following your blog for a while now, Elmo just about needs his own tag?

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