Appetite Stimulant

While Elanor has indeed crossed the magical 16 pound hump we’ve been waiting for her to cross for something like 5 months, she isn’t gaining enough.  So about two weeks ago, she was put on an appetite stimulant.  Which kind of fucks my brain as a fat girl–appetite STIMULANT?  Can’t I just give her 5 pounds off my ass or something?

But the truth is that while I crack jokes, every time I change her clothes my heart breaks a little.  You can see every single rib.  You can see each bump of her spine.  She doesn’t look “petite” or “thin” or “small”–the words everyone uses when they see her running around in clothes–she looks frightening.

So we have started the appetite stimulant.  As if giving her the prilosec twice a day wasn’t emotionally damaging enough for all involved.  We also have a strict new eating schedule to adhere to (in theory).  In practice Elanor continues to call all the shots and we kind of hover over her nervously when it comes to the topic of food.

I have to hope that this works.  Because if it doesn’t, the next steps are very frightening.

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  1. saffy says:

    Hon, do the magic ‘they’ know why E doesn’t gain weight? Poor little sausage.

    I didn’t even though that there were such things as appetite stimulants – well, besides the usual cake shop windows 😉 And inappropriately I have to giggle that your blog’s “possibly related post” is ‘What kinds of appetite suppressants work?’

    Seriously though, a few months of coaxing and pleading and crying with Minxy to eat give me a whole lot of empathy with what you must be feeling – and that was with the Minx somehow gaining (so not really the same by any means, I know).

    So what does a day of food for E look like? Are you steered towards high fat/high cal stuff or is it just what E wants to eat?

    • Taking a Chance on Baby says:

      Do “they” know why she’s got the Failure To Thrive diagnosis? Nope, but there’s plenty of theories…

      #1–That she has had reflux all along. Initially she was put on reflux meds around 4ish months of age, but then once they discovered the food allergies, we discontinued the anti-reflux meds. But just putting her back on the prilosec didn’t make enough of a difference.

      #2–That she has deep seated negative associations with eating and hence eats to live rather than living to eat. I kind of buy into this theory to an extent. She got sick so fast and spent a week on a ventilator (although obviously heavily sedated) and then spent a week on a feeding tube, then was force fed. There’s the fact that she was on breast milk for 5 months while allergic to it, so eating was really painful. And if she has continued to have reflux throughout (silent) then there’s that too. That food is just not fun for her.

      Initially we were adding heavy cream to whole milk, but we weren’t seeing enough. So now we add Carnation Instant Breakfast (not sure if you have that in NZ) which raises the calories in 8oz of milk from 150 to 280. We’ve been told to cut back on her solids to just twice a day for 30 minutes each time just so she remembers how to eat solids.

      In theory her day should go

      7am-milk with carnation instant breakfast


      noon-eat solids for 30 min

      1pm-milk w/carnation instant breakfast

      4pm–milk w/cib

      6pm–eat solids for 30 min

      9pm–milk w/cib

      The issue is that E has definite feelings about what she will and won’t do throughout the day. There are plenty of times when it’s a milk only meal and she’ll strike until we give her solids. But it’s sort of a do the best you can regimen.

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