I have to give major props to Saffy, who was able to guess the location of the three pictures without any hesitation.

The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is that we are likely moving to Singapore in the super near future.

We went last week to check it out (hence the radio silence) and to make a decision.  Unfortunately with Chinese New Year there and Presidents Day here, the answer to a very important question has yet to arrive.  If the answer is yes, then we’re moving, but if it’s a no then we can’t do it.  Sorry to be all cryptic, and I’ll talk openly about it here once I can, but for now, Ravi has asked me to stay silent on the topic.  I’ve been talking about it on livejournal because I can edit who can view what I’m saying.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!  It would be such a great adventure, and it’s been a dream of ours to do the live/work abroad thing since before we were married.

Ironically, job offer #2 is local which would mean my big announcement is that….nothing is happening.

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4 Responses to BIG ANNOUNCEMENT part 1

  1. saffy says:

    Sorry for being a geek 😉 That’s majorly hypothetically exciting.

    You must’ve adored being out of the snow huh?

    Hope you’re feeling better too BTW.

    • Taking a Chance on Baby says:

      Unfortunately I have some sort of death to my sinuses (sinii?) cold going on that does not seem to be getting better with all of the cold meds and such I’m throwing at it. I’m giving it a few more days before I go to a doc because I suspect it’s viral.

      BTW-I’m having trouble commenting at your blog. I just caught up on all your medical stuff…so happy it’s resolving. I have trouble fully translating your numbers as we use a different system here, but I was pretty worried for you. Also-super glad to see Minxy doing well with the eating!

  2. saffy says:

    The good old viral bug huh? Argh. Plus there’s nothing worse that going to the doc and being told that they can’t give you anything and perhaps paracetamol would help? :p

    Weird about the commenting. Hmmm.
    Yeah, the sugars business wasn’t pretty. I likened it to detox (based on my super accurate TV observations of House of course!) – hideously awful for a few days and then gradually better. To convert the numbers to US just times them by 18. Why oh why does America use a different system to everyone else? And a relief about Minxy too – such a lame thing to be causing such frustration.

    Night 🙂

    • Taking a Chance on Baby says:

      We like to use a different system because we like to make everything far more complicated than it needs to be, of course!

      Night, hun 🙂

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