Elanor to the rescue!!!!

Today Elanor saw her hematologist.  It was a routine visit to update the data on her Von Willebrand factor (a clotting factor in the blood that she is low on) and to do the dreaded blood draw.

I knew tears would be involved, but I hadn’t dreamed it would be tears of laughter.

Elanor had her blood drawn.  It took two nurses and myself to accomplish this while Elanor screamed and fought us like a mad woman.  One of the nurses was draping her upper body over E’s lower body and holding down the arm the other nurse was trying to draw blood from.  I was securing the other arm and trying to talk to keep her calm (yeah right).  Even with 3 adults working to keep her immobilized, E got a foot free twice to give the nurse draped over her a good kick.  It didn’t help that it took a lot of work to get the needle into the vein because even though she was being held down, E was still getting in some arm twitching.  But finally it was over.

As the doctor and I finished up discussing a few things, he decided to check my blood work, as my husband and I both have borderline factor numbers.  Seeing that my most recent blood work was only 4 months post-partum, he decided to draw some blood from me just to see how my factor numbers compare now that I’m over a year out from Elanor’s birth.

So the same nurse comes back into the room.  Elanor watches her warily as I calmly sit and offer my arm.  When she sees the needle go into my arm, she runs up to the nurse and initially I thought she gave her a kiss.

“Nope, I felt teeth,” the nurse replies, amused.

This is when it hits me.  Elanor saw the nurse do something to me that was very traumatic for her and wanted to defend me, so she bit the nurse on purpose.  Which is both a headdesk moment (an on-purpose bite) and adorable.

I use my leg to act as a barrier between my guard toddler and the nurse as I try to explain that it’s okay and mommy isn’t hurting.  I also try not to laugh, although my ears get a bit misty with amusement…and a secret bit of pride for my daughter trying to stand up for me.

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