Some days I wish I never got up…

Granted, the story I’m about to tell is slightly more than 24 hours and granted, it goes over two calendar days, but nonetheless, the just over 24 hours I’m about to share combined to make a day that I never should have gotten out of bed for.

There was a job search related reason that Ravi, Elanor and I couldn’t go over to my in-laws for our usual Sunday football, dinner and bridge.  In a fit of brain not connecting to mouth, I suggested instead that my in-laws come over to our apartment and I’d cook.  After all, I love to cook, and I love to entertain.  Except that I didn’t really get to clean the apartment.  Except that I took it as a matter of personal pride that my MIL not bring her own food (she’s vegetarian, we’re not).  Except that I was trying two recipes from scratch that I’d never tried.

One of the foods was a semi-disaster, and the other came out great.  For what it’s worth I figured out why the disaster food was a disaster, but only after beating myself up that I served my FIL something that was starting to burn on the outside and was still raw at the center.  I take a HUGE amount of pride in my talent in the kitchen, and I’m especially sensitive that this was served to an in-law.  Meanwhile, I’m going through all my bowls and dishes in the cooking of said food, and my kitchen looks like a bomb went off in it.

I’ve run the dishwasher multiple times and I’m still not completely caught up on dishes.

The job search thing went late, which led to dissection of the thing (sorry to be so vague…all will be revealed soon), then watching of our Tivo’d episode of “Big Love” and going to sleep somewhere near 4.  I couldn’t sleep and it was closer to 5 for me.  When I got up at 9am (four hours later) to give E her sippy of milk, I took a shower instead of going back to sleep.

At 10, I wake and dress the baby for our mommy and me class, and we get through that and lunch with a friend with no problem.  Elanor falls asleep in the car on the way home from lunch and I curse as I have a feeling she won’t nap when we get home.  And oh look, I’m right.  No napping once we’re home.  I’m desperate for a nap myself and Elanor, while needing one, won’t take one.

Fortunately, at some point I beg Ravi for an hour’s sleep as I was about to lose my shit at Elanor.  He gives me two.

Things are slowly getting better until we have to give E her reflux meds last night.  For the third dose in a row, she just pukes them back up, but this time she also throws up some dinner, soaking her pajamas, the changing pad and me (a little).

She finally goes down, and I start a load of laundry because I don’t want puke smelling clothes to sit around for days on end.

I bet I don’t have to even tell you that I slept like crap last night, too, do I?

Some days are just not worth getting out of bed.

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  1. saffy says:

    Ok so I just laughed. Sorry. I laughed at the reflux bit because if you read my blog at the mo you’ll see that our whole life is about reflux. Argh. Oh and D pukes up her meds too – actually she kind of hurls them out in a well directed spit. Such an evil act from such a cute little devil 🙂 I’ve taken to waking up during the night, dreaming that she’s in bed with us and she has puked again.

    I get the mortal horror of serving something less than perfect to the in-laws. I walk around on eggshells before they come for a meal – making sure I make something good AND that I haven’t served it to them in recent memory. What was the successful dish?

    Wishing you sweet dreams for a better night’s sleep

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