Elmo– shrill red devil or shrill saver of sanity?

My opinion of Elmo pre-baby…

Stupid shrill obnoxious creature.  Why is he getting so much attention?  BIG BIRD people…what happened to Big Bird?  Elmo’s nothing but a no-talent scene stealer.  What’s the appeal?  I’ll grant he’s nowhere near as obnoxious as that Barney demon, but why, why do you people love him?

My opinion today…

Oh my god-it buys me 15-20 minutes of internet surfing/dishwasher unloading/laundry moving or folding/ lunch eating.

Wow, after she saw the episode where Elmo “helps” she wants to help me.  She’ll do the thing I want if I ask her in terms of “helping mommy like Elmo helps.”  Huh.

Elmo is voiced by a 6 foot tall cute guy?  Huh…not what I’d pictured

Okay, I guess he’s not so bad…

Elanor loves Elmo

So yeah, out of love for my child and love of 20 minutes to eat something, I’ve given in.  She has stuffed Elmo, dancing Elmo, the Elmo cell phone (it let me get grocery shopping done…you would’ve done it too) and several Elmo dvds.

APA–I get your whole “no screen time before 2” and it’s a noble idea, but I have to get the laundry and dishes etc done.

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One Response to Elmo– shrill red devil or shrill saver of sanity?

  1. saffy says:

    Ah see that’s how I know that you have the older child. I’m still at the shrill devil stage. However, in saying that, I had some preconceived ideas about no TV too and already I resort, on occasion I’ve broken that self-promise. I say go the Elmo goodies if that’s what works!

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