Still here, just a crazy few weeks

Hi beloved readers (all 4 of you)…

I am still here.  I have tons of things I want to post about, but it’s been a hectic few weeks, and will probably continue to be so until Friday or so.  If I can post before then, I will.

Stuff to post about…

-My first trip with Elanor overnight without any support (Ravi/my parents/a friend) and how I’m probably going to do it again this month

-Making new mom friends

-cleaning (I know, how thrilling)

-buying baby clothes on Ebay

-Admitting to my Gymboree addiction and how it’s gotten to the point that I would rather buy her clothes than me…

-Why I envy the supermoms

-Questions I ask myself all the time about being a stay at home mom

and plenty of other stuff….

For the meantime, I will share this story with you.  It is midnight as I write this.  My daughter usually goes to bed between nine pm and ten pm.  She is not sick.  She is not teething.  She is babbling as she plays with a book.  While we have seen her “fight the nap and win” this is the first time she has fought night time sleep and won…she’s usually a cry for ten minutes and pass out kid.

I am very afraid.

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  1. saffy says:

    Ah, sleep’s for babies! :p Sounds like some juicy posts coming up – can’t wait! 🙂

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