Christmas Post-Mortem

In some ways we had a stereotypical Christmas…

I finished wrapping the presents at 11:46pm on Christmas Eve as I am lazy and tend to procrastinate. We watched Love, Actually (a favorite movie of mine) and went to sleep somewhere in the 2:30-3:00am window.  Elanor woke up at 8:30, and then didn’t want to go back to sleep, so we pulled her into our bed and put on Sesame Street (thank god for Tivo).  She lay between us, drinking her milk and watching quietly for the better part of an hour.  My mom and aunt came over at 10, so that’s when we did presents.

Elanor got a bunch of books, several dvds, the Melissa and Doug fruit that is held together with velcro (you’re supposed to “cut” it with a fake knife, but for E, we want her working on her hand strength so she’ll be pulling it apart), a shape sorter, wooden blocks and a busy ball popper from us (and santa) and books, clothes, various “little people” stuff, a vtech toy, and a Tag Jr reader by Leapfrog from my parents.

With Ravi’s layoff (thankfully I had bought all but one of the dvd’s before it) we kept Xmas small-no gifts for parents and we weren’t going to do gifts for each other either, but as a joke I had got Ravi a snuggie (which he found because it was sitting on the coffee table when he got home the day I bought it) and so he got me a small wooden tree that opens like a Russian Nesting Doll to hold a santa which holds a snowman since I was upset that we weren’t doing a tree this year.  The lack of a tree was more about having no clue how to keep E out of the tree than the money side of stuff.

We had a nice meal (none of which I had to cook, and afterward the dishes magically ended up in the dishwasher) and then my mom and aunt went home as they do not like driving in the dark.

We hung out at home for a while and then walked to a chinese restaurant for take-out.

E went to bed and we watched deleted scenes from Love Actually.


Now that it’s over, I have to admit that I never got into the holiday spirit.  Even though we had snow for the week before the holiday and even though it was snowing lightly as we walked to and from the takeout place, I just didn’t feel it.  In part, it’s certainly related to the job hunt stress, and the fact that Ravi has herniated a disc in his neck, which has him in a great deal of pain.  The lack of a tree made our apartment feel like it was any other day-one where almost everything was closed.  With an iPod, I managed to avoid the barrage of Xmas music.  I’ve always found the bell ringing from the Salvation Army irritating–not that I don’t like to give, I just don’t give to religious organizations.

I’m hoping that next year it will be different…Elanor will be 2, and I hope that two will bring a lot more verbal ability, more interest in and comfort with things like visiting Santa, and that we will be in a position to have a tree.

For now, I’m just going to focus on getting through 2009…while it hasn’t been a bad year, I can’t say I’ve been overly fond of it either.

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  1. saffy says:

    I’ll trade your Christmas morning for ours 😉 A frantic rush around before racing off to a family thing where you had the “joy” of crowding around a table designed for half the number of people, having a certain MIL tell you that your baby isn’t really tired and that if you keep “giving into her” she’ll be a grouchy toddler (wtf?!), watching 16 other people open presents and give them 2 seconds consideration (bast*rds, a lot of work goes into choosing presents! I’m totally up with the concept of no presents for adults).

    Not much of 2009 to go. Crank up that ipod – must be time for some “Final Countdown” 🙂

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