Elanor’s new funny

I promise a real post (and the getting more overdue by the second 13 month letter to Emby) in the near future, but for now I will share with you one of Elanor’s new quirks.

This past Monday Elanor was toddling around the living/dining room causing destruction as she does, when she went to her highchair, smacked it a few times and announced “YUM.”

When kids are first starting to babble, you convince yourself daily that they’ve just said “Please pass the peas, Mother” or some such thing.  So I doubted that I had heard what I actually did.  Or that it was pure happenstance, and would not be repeated.

“YUM” a little louder with a whack on the chair for emphasis.

“Are you hungry, Elanor?  Do you want food?” I asked.

“YUM.  YUM!”  Translation-are you stupid, woman?  What about this is unclear to you?  Feed me NOW, bitch.

And so it began.  We were driving home from a doctor’s appointment yesterday and there was a steady stream of “YUM?  YUM.  YUM!” from the backseat as we drove to a restaurant.  It is now a “thing” and she’s been doing it consistently.

It’s just so damn cute, I can’t help but encourage it.  I’ve started asking if she wants “YUM” instead of asking if she’s hungry now.

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  1. saffy says:

    That IS cute – and love your interpretation of ‘hurry up’ hehehe 🙂

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