Elanor’s assessment

More great news on the Elanor medical front!

We went to see the Pedi Stroke Team today and they were so impressed by how she’s doing that they don’t want to see her until next summer…about 9 months from now!  They were less than impressed by her lack of a helmet and when we explained that E’s lack of a helmet was due to the helmets all being TOO BIG for our teeny bean, they hooked us up with the people who custom make them (usually for kids with severe flat spots).  So in a few weeks E will have a brand new pretty pale pink helmet that she won’t be able to take off.  I’m sure that will go over brilliantly.

They also want us to see a podiatrist for E’s right foot.  Our Early Intervention team has suggested a brace as E’s right foot wants to point in and down (imagine a ballerina pointing her toes…like that) to correct it.  We’re also doing daily stretches to keep E’s tendons from becoming damaged, which is a long term possible issue.  While the stroke team isn’t anti brace, they want her to see a doctor and have him/her weigh in on how much she should be wearing the brace versus developing the muscles and working the muscles without the support of the brace.  It seems like a delicate balancing act…don’t want to become reliant on this thing, but don’t want the damage that could result without the use of the brace either.

The roughest part of the day is that E got up earlier than normal and we were at the hospital past her first nap.  So when they needed to scan her head, she didn’t want anything to do with me, the machine, her bottle or anything.  It took many tries to get her to stay still long enough to get the 3D scan.  But I can’t fault her for being cranky when she was tired…god knows I’m plenty cranky when I’m tired….

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