Elanor has skills to spare…

Two months worth, apparently.

Elanor’s stroke automatically qualified her to receive three years of Early Intervention.  Part of that requires an full evaluation of her skill set every six months so that we can write an IFSP (?–if she were a public school student, it would be an IEP) that outlines her goals for the next six months in various areas-gross motor, fine motor, speech, etc.  Today we saw the occupational therapist who did Elanor’s fine motor evaluation.  Our goal is to finish her various evaluations and rewrite the IFSP around her first birthday in a few weeks.

Elanor’s fine motor skills tested at +2 months from her age group, placing her somewhere around 13 months in terms of fine motor skills!!!

Ravi was home when the physical therapist came by and did her part of the evaluation.  The report I got back said that Elanor is missing some of the 8-11 month balance skills (although it’s hard to tell since they require being on the hands and knees, and Elanor is all about the walking) but is really far ahead on other skills (see walking) so she also averaged out around 12/13 months.  Our PT is more concerned that Elanor’s feet are turning as she walks…we need to start forcing her to wear her real sneakers (sigh…that’s a battle of epic proportions) and if it doesn’t correct in a few more months we may need to talk about inserts.

Overall though, I’m super excited.  It’s a good way to start off a week that I’m optimistic will include being cleared to move onto dairy products.

However, I am also a bit trepidatious that it will include a referral to see the feeding team—Elanor has stopped gaining weight and has fallen completely off the charts.  She isn’t even on her own little curve anymore and I’m worried about what this will mean–a serious solution would be a g-tube, but I’m hoping it wouldn’t come to something like that.

One of the most perplexing things she does is chew food and then dribble it out instead of swallowing it.  A decent chunk does make it down, but she also doesn’t swallow a lot.  It’s frustrating to have a child so small that at almost a year of age she is still quite comfortably fitting into 3-6 month clothing and even some 0-3 stuff.

Back to the positive though…my girl has skill to spare!  Go Ella!

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