Good-bye Lady

Today around 2pm our time, Lady was put to sleep.  The vet came to our home and gave her some valium and something else to sedate her and remove her from any pain.  Then he placed her in her blanket in my arms and gave her the shot of phenobarbital (and something else) that stopped her lungs and heart.  She died peacefully in my arms before he was even done with the shot…there was no heartbeat at all when he started checking for it post-shot.  It was death with dignity for a cat who was holding on to life with nothing more than willpower, and losing the battle a little more every day.

Elanor was out with my mom for the day.  When they got back, we went right out without bringing her up to the apartment.  We headed out to Borders to buy a book the vet had recommended.  His opinion was that we shouldn’t expect Elanor to be completely unaffected by Lady’s loss, especially when they had a close bond, and the book was one of his pieces of advice.

It just about broke my heart when we finally got home and Elanor immediately began looking for Lady.  We had to explain to her that Lady was gone…to which she said “bye-bye”…and I just about broke down.  I cried several times during the story “The 10th Good Thing about Barney” which I’ll review here another day.  It’s so hard because I do know that Elanor loves Lady and isn’t going to understand.

Rest in peace Lady…you will be missed by all of us.

Lady and Elanor

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