Obama address schoolchildren…Republicans apoplectic that their children will hear someone pronounce words correctly…

Being out of the country, I’ve only kept a light eye on what’s going on back home.  As a native Massachusetts citizen, I was incredibly saddened to hear of Kennedy’s death.  I started checking more websites to follow the coverage of his funeral and the future of his seat.  Instead I was lambasted with “new” of Obama’s newest “controversial” act….he’ll be addressing schoolchildren.

Conservatives are upset.  God forbid their special little snowflakes hear an intelligent black man, who also happens to be the LEADER OF THEIR COUNTRY tell them to study hard.  To the point where it has become a CNN.com article.

I think back and realize that the only reason that there was no equivalent rage during the past 8 years was the Bush didn’t do this.  Of course, that might be because the last time he was seen publicly in a school, he was reading a book to children and someone came in and told him that the WTC had been hit by a plane….and he KEPT ON READING.  National crisis?  Sorry, too busy reading to schoolchildren.  So I suppose I can understand why they wouldn’t want the comparison made.

As a mom who sat her 2 month old down in front of the tv to hear the inaugural address, I’m certainly not unbiased on this issue.  However, when I hear that some schools may not carry the address, because “it takes up too much time” as a former teacher I have to call bullshit.  NOTHING happens at the start of the school year.  We practice lining up.  We distribute textbooks.  We review syllabi.  Beyond that, I can’t even begin to add up the numbers of instructional hours I have lost to incredibly banal assemblies.  My favorite was when I had to reschedule a test so that my sixth graders could go see a presentation on a possible afterschool activity than in the end, NO ONE from my rotation of 80 students did.  Don’t say you don’t want to waste the time…if you can hold an assembly so that students can see the world series trophy, you can certainly take  a short break to hear your president tell you school is important.

I realize that the crazy idiots who keep giving FOX and CNN soundbites are a small confederacy of idiots.  The birthers, Sarah Palin, etc.  So in the case of this (non) story, I have to take issue with CNN.  It’s NOT a story.  You’re MAKING it a story.  YOU’RE blowing it out of proportion.  STOP IT.

To any school who is considering NOT showing the presidential address…grow a pair.  Show the address and if parents don’t like it, tell them to lump it.  They can choose to keep their kids home.

I know from personal experience that parents often throw a hissy fit over something small (especially when they think it makes them look all INVOLVED in their child’s life and school–and they’re usually the least involved parents) and then if someone stands up to them, like all bullies, they mostly back down.  Stop wasting time over this.

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