Places I love #2-The Franklin Park Zoo, Boston

While there are all sorts of ethical arguments for and against zoos, I’ve always been a big fan.  I like seeing exotic creatures in person…while I do gobble up specials about them on television, nothing compares with seeing the real thing.  I was happy to discover that my (then boyfriend) husband Ravi is also a fan.  So it with no small bit of excitement that we have dragged Elanor to several zoos.

Ironically, she has only been to our local zoo (where we’re members) with me.

The FPZ is a fairly small (one might even say dinky) zoo.  If you’re visiting from out of town, I wouldn’t bother.  But as a resident, it’s a great place to meet up for play dates.  There’s a small farm as well as the more exotic animals like the lion and the gorillas.  It’s right in Boston, and has free parking (an exceptionally rare thing here in the city).  While it’s not on the subway, it is bus accessible.

Elanor and I recently met up with a friend and his son, who’s just over a year.  While my fellow parent and I were enjoying ourselves, but not overly impressed, the two little ones were fascinated by everything from the donkey to the baboon who sat and stared at them for a good several minutes.  There were plenty of places where I felt safe letting my crawling wonder out to get a closer look through the glass or to explore a kid friendly area with the other toddler.

Right now we’re in the midst of the worst of the summer heat, so I don’t see us going back until fall (plus we’re away for 3 weeks in the UK) but it’s open year round and is always good for several hours of entertainment.  So while it’s not a world class place like the Please Touch, it’s on my list of favorite places to take your kids.

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