My Favorite Read-Alouds #4–Yummy Yucky

I first encountered “Yummy, Yucky” by Leslie Patricelli in a Mom/Baby group.  Elanor stared at it, and the teacher reading it with such rapt attention I ran right out to buy it for our home library.

It’s a great board book with each set of pages saying something like

“Burgers are yummy”  “Boogers are yucky”

It’s hard not to break into a laugh when reading this, especially if you read it theatrically.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this book is the lack of cutesy rhyming that so characterizes baby board books.  Don’t get me wrong..we love Sandra Boyton, but I’ve gone around for DAYS on end muttering “The cow says moo, the sheep says baa, three singing pigs say lalala….” and so on.  While I remember a few of the pairs, I’m not even close to having this book memorized, which is a nice change.  The pairings are adorable, as are the pictures, and you will enjoy reading it over and over with your little one.

Patricelli has a whole series of books like “Big, Little” which I have yet to buy, but are high on the list as I begin to think about my little girl’s first birthday.

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  1. Michele says:

    Leslie Patricelli will be on blog tour Nov. 1-7, 2009. Please contact me to schedule an interview.


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