Places I Love #1–The Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia

We are currently back on vacation.  Yes, again.  Although really, it’s only vacation for Elanor and I, as Ravi is working.

Elanor and I went to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia on Saturday.  It is quite possibly the best kids museum I’ve ever seen, especially for those of us with very young children.  I have to admit to feeling torn as I drove past the Franklin Institute, which advertised its huge Star Trek exhibit…but I came to realize I’d made the best possible choice.


There are 8 or 10 rooms of exhibits.  In each of the rooms there is a gated off section aimed at the under 3 crowd.  Even our kids museum in Boston, which is a great kids museum doesn’t offer that kind of support to the under 3 set.  There’s also a carousel, which Elanor rode by herself (well, she sat on the horse by herself with the strap around her and me standing next to her, holding her).

I can ride the horsie!

I think MY favorite part of the museum is the Alice in Wonderland exhibit.  Kids can sit at a table and have a tea party with the Mad Hatter and March Hare.  They can experience the hallway of doors where the doors got smaler and smaller and they get bigger and bigger.  They can play croquet with a flamingo that really moves.  They can crawl (if they’re as little as Elanor) through a croquet hoop (?) made of a playing card.  They can paint the white roses red in the Queen of Hearts’ garden.  They can be huge inside the White Rabbits’ House.   There are mirrors and a maze.  There’s a rock to stage your very own caucus race around.  On and on…and the under 3 area there is nursery rhyme themed.  Elanor was particularly enchanted by the cow (from jack and the beanstalk) that mooed when she touched it, and the spinning wheel (from sleeping beauty).  There was also a line to hang mittens on with the 3 little kittens who had lost theirs, a ship like the one that the owl and pussycat rode on, and other things.

More tea Mr Hatter?

We spent an hour there, and would have stayed longer, but they were closing.  I had thought an hour would be more than enough, but really I should have budgeted at least two, even with only an almost 9 month old.

We gather together in prayer that Mommy will bring us back

I really have to say that I wish I had taken Elanor back on Sunday instead of taking her to the Adventure Aquarium which was okay, but nothing spectacular.  The next time we’re in Philly, it’s my #1 destination with kids.

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2 Responses to Places I Love #1–The Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia

  1. korinthe says:

    Come and check out the Discovery Museums in Acton, if you haven’t yet (I realize this is an older post). They have lots of rooms that are perfect for toddlers — my son is a month younger than Elanor and adores the place.

    • Crystal says:

      Thanks for reminding me that I never got around to reviewing the Discovery Museum…we LOVED it. I’m sad that there’s nothing like it in Singapore, where we now live.

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