My Favorite Read Alouds #3–Good Night Series

As regular readers know, we do a lot of travel with Elanor.  And everywhere we go, we get her a ‘Good night” book.

We have

-Good Night Zoo

-Good Night Boston

-Good Night Maine

-Good Night Washington DC

-Good Night New York City

and possibly one or two others that I’m blanking on.

When we travel with her, we like to read the books and talk about our trip, especially if something special happened, like “Good night Washington Monument.  Do you remember when Mommy and Daddy and Elanor saw Elanor’s first 4th of July fireworks over the Washington Monument and Elanor was more interested in her light up ball from the Smithsonian?”

As she grows, I see them as a special link her past…a way to share stories about her as a baby with her.  A nice collection for her to hold onto, I hope.  After all, she’ll outgrow the DC onesie, and probably break the doll I got for her in Raleigh.  The light up balls will stop lighting up…but the board books will live through her chewing them, banging them, dropping them and generally abusing them.

If you travel with or without the kids, keep an eye out for this series.  We have had to special order one of the books, Good Night North Carolina because they didn’t have any at various tourist places we went.  Luckily, amazon does.

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