Dear Elanor—8 months (many days late)

Dear Elanor

You will be spending the majority of your 8th month in hotel rooms!

Your seventh month was so full of changes and skills I’m scared I’ll forget some!  Since I’m writing this almost 2 weeks late because of the first chunk of travel…I probably did…sigh.


You are 14 lbs and about 25/26 inches tall.  I look at you and see my little baby girl, but now as I see people venturing out into the world with their newborns, I realize what a big girl you’ve become.  I can know it intellectually, but there is a disconnect in my heart…you are my baby.  And now I will completely contradict myself and say that sometimes when I look at you, I see glimpses of the toddler and kid that you’re growing into.  It is fascinating, occasionally disturbing in that it’s happening far too fast, and thrilling.

Your hair is continuing to grow in.  I have to laugh at myself though…it’s still nowhere near enough for me to put it in a teeny ponytail or to clip bows into it, but not for lack of my overeager attempts to do so.  I content myself with your exceptional tolerance for headbands (the fabric ones that go all the way around your head) when I color coordinate you for the day.

I have had the urge to get your ears pierced on at least two occasions.  I blame your Dadi (Gujarati for father’s mother) for planting the idea in the first place.  I don’t think I’ll actually do it…the idea of using it as an incentive when you’re much older is just too enticing…but I will admit to being tempted.

Also…and this is the big one..two teeth!!! The two middle bottom teeth have broken through the skin and are on their way to growing up into real teeth.  They’re certainly real enough to hurt like hell when you try to chew on my finger.  However, you won’t really let me get a good look at them.  When you open your mouth, you often thrust your tongue out over them and if I try to pull down your lower lip, you understandably turn your head and get pissed.

Gross Motor–

Well, we’re screwed.  You have become more and more mobile throughout this month and last night you actually crawled about a foot.  I am excited and terrified all at the same time.

You are also pulling to stand on everything!  This has resulted in some hasty baby proofing!

Fine Motor—

You have begun to clap…which is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, especially when you do something and I cheer for you, and then you clap for yourself.


You like pickles, which is unsurprising considering my own deep and abiding love for them.

You’re still pretty much only eating fruits and fruit blends which is frustrating.  We introduced chicken a few days before you technically turned 8 months and it wasn’t the biggest hit.


You said Dada the day before father’s day…good timing kid!

You also say Mama, baba, gaga

You blow raspberries

Other Stuff

-We had your pictures taken for father’s day and the photography studio asked if they could use your pictures professionally!  I haven’t heard anything yet, but that was pretty cool.

-We went to the MOS and to MIT on father’s day.  You had a great time and were so well behaved!

I know there’s so much more that happened in your 7th month but you’ll have to excuse your mom’s poor memory…maybe I should be doing a more frequent update?



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