My favorite read alouds #1–The Going to Bed Book

In what I hope to make a regular feature,  I want to talk about some of favorite read aloud books.

I would be remiss if the first book I featured WASN’T “The Going to Bed Book” by Sandra Boyton.

We were given a copy by a co-worker of my husband, as a book they had loved reading with their kids when they were little.  I wasn’t overly familiar with Sandra Boyton, but I’m always happy to accept a new book for Elanor.

When we decided to do a going to bed routine with Elanor, we arbitrarily decided that we would end the night with this book.  We always read 3-4 books at bedtime, but we make sure to ALWAYS end with this one.  After doing this for months at this point, Elanor calms down as we begin to read (or recite if we’re out and about) it.  She knows that it means it’s time for bed.

What makes it great going to bed book is the rhyming, and the cadence.  It’s easy to make it a slow and gentle story to lull your child to bed.  The illustrations are adorable, and will make it fun for you.

I also have grown to love all of Boynton’s books.  We have our favorites, but they are all great, whether you’re reading it to a three month old, or a 3 year old.

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One Response to My favorite read alouds #1–The Going to Bed Book

  1. Mary says:

    I love that one too. My fave Boyntons are Snuggle Puppy and The Belly Button Book (Belly Belly Button, you’re oh so fine, ooooo I’m so happy you’re mine… 😉

    My almost 3 year old LOVES Dr Seuss right now. She can quote several of them and does at random moments (this am at breakfast — “I do not like green eggs and ham, try them, try them and you may, try them I say.”) Currently we read Green Eggs and Ham, Cat in the Hat, and One Fish, Two Fish — one of these a night, since they are pretty long. Then she takes the book and carries it to her bed and sleeps with it. Pretty cute.

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