Growing Up

This week has been tough.

On Thursday Elanor spiked a fever of 101.5…at 11 at night.  Why does this shit always happen at 11/12 at night or 2/3 in the morning?  Is there some sort of cosmic force at work?

Baby Tylenol was administered to Elanor, who was doing a good impression of a monkey (in that she would NOT let go of me).  She slept, and we went in to the doc on Friday.  It was either a kidney infection (which scares me as she only has one functional kidney–I know she’ll eventually get one, but I find the idea scary as hell), or a virus…complicated by the fact that she has started teething.

We have a bottom tooth coming in ladies and gentlemen.

She seems like such a big girl these days…enough that I’ll admit I didn’t REALLY mind when all she wanted was to be cuddled and held and never put down.

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