Small Steps…mine, not E’s

In an effort to try to start believing everyone who tells me I’m a good mother, with good instincts, I took the following small steps.

I elected to get rid of our EI nutritionist.  Our styles didn’t mesh, and every instinct I have says that our continued efforts to “fix” Elanor’s eating habits are a mistake.  She is gaining weight…at a slower pace than I would like, but she is staying on her own little growth curve.  She is not getting dehydrated.  Every time we do something to “fix” her eating, it gets worse.  I am going to back off, and let her do her thing.  It’s working, and it’s time to stop interfering with something that’s working.

We’re keeping the high chair.  As my husband says…who cares if she ever eats a speck of food or an ounce of liquid in it?  She can sit with us at the table.  We put the high chair together this morning before brunch and it was an awesome meal…not just because of food, but because she was at eye level, and we interacted with her a great deal.  She laughed and kicked and showed us how happy she was there.  That alone is worth the cost of the high chair to us.  FYI, we’re getting the booster seat too, for the grandparents/travel.

I try to tell myself each day that her happy nature is a product of love.  She feels loved and safe…she couldn’t be so happy otherwise.  Which means I’m doing *my* part.

Being a mom is hard.  But hopefully with my own baby steps, I’ll start to gain confidence.

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One Response to Small Steps…mine, not E’s

  1. Rachel M. says:

    Bah to experts, they seem to each contradict the other. From personal experience, we have had Charlotte in her high chair since she could sit up at four months. We started her out on solids and in the past 6 months she has not taken to anything on a regular basis. I cannot get that girl to eat a consistent solid meal. I got ambitious and made all her foods – she didn’t care. I bought organic – she didn’t care. She wants her 5 bottles per day on a regular schedule and all other food is hit or miss. I struggled with this because her weight gain was slow and she’s below the 50% mark of her age grade but then lately I stopped struggling. She is eating her 5 bottles and that’s what she wants so I’ll keep giving her animal crackers as a snack, putting her in the high chair during our dinner times and you know what’s really cute? She now loves to eat from our plates. It makes perfect since, if mom and dad like it then it must be good. Follow your instincts C, you will not go wrong.

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