Breastfeeding Someone Else’s Kid

The internet is a-buzz with chatter about Salma Hayek breastfeeding a starving baby in Sierra Leone.  Because she breastfed someone else’s baby.  Reaction ranges from raves about what a great humanitarian Hayek is to complete and utter disgust.

I’ve undergone a lot of changes since being a mom, and I think my reaction to this story would have been different 6 months ago or a year ago than it is today.

The idea of breastfeeding someone else’s child, or more to the point someone else breastfeeding my child used to creep me out.  However, circumstances being what they are, my opinion has become (to quote the friend who donates breastmilk to Elanor) “what’s a little breast milk among friends?”

I have to give props to my friend A, because the shift in opinion is all due to her.  For all that I like to maintain this cynical view of the world, she has been a true friend and come through for us in need…in the most basic way possible-she helps ensure my child is being fed the best food possible and the food she likes best.  I wish I could return the favor and help sustain her son in some way other than as a psuedo-auntie.

I can understand not wanting a complete stranger to breastfeed your child, but among close friends, why not?  Well, unless you’re me and don’t make enough for your own kid, much less someone else’s.

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