Dear Emby–3 months

Dear Elanor

You, my darling girl, are 3 whole months old.

You are growing every day and I am in awe of you.  You currently weigh around 10 1/2 pounds and wear 0-3 month clothes.  You smile all the time-you are a thoroughly happy and social child.  You’ve started to laugh-sometimes sound comes out but often your mouth opens and no sound comes out, which I find just adorable.

You and I just finished our first mom and baby class.  You were easily the most social of all the babies, which may be that you were the oldest, but you spent almost all of every class looking around and smiling.  You were fascinated by the other babies, the other mommies, and the various toys and things we did in class.  I enjoyed hearing the other moms and knowing that I wasn’t alone.  Next week we’ll start our second round of class.

Your Daddy and you also did a class at Isis as well.  He said you had a blast, and most importantly the class can be credited with giving him the confidence to take you out on his own.  By the second weekend, he felt comfortable running errands after his group with you, which allowed me to have some time out with my friends.  Things like movies and shopping without you–while I enjoy having you with me, there are things that are a bit more enjoyable on my own.

You continue to hate tummy time, except during mommy group when you’re too distracted to realize that you’re on your tummy.

You have begun to bat at toys and grasp them.  In the last few days you’ve begun to bring them to your mouth and chew on them.

I am deeply grateful that sleeping has become less of an issue.  You go down sometime around 10ish and can sleep 12 hours with only one or two feeds to top you off.  The crib is still set up next to our bed, and your Daddy and I like having you in arms reach (especially me at 5 in the morning).  However, you sleep best in my arms, and we often end the night cuddled together.

Breastfeeding is not happening.  It’s sad and a bit discouraging, but I like that I can chart how much you eat when I like.  I’m pretty nervous about your eating, especially as you lost weight over the past weekend.  We have begun to add calories to your food again.  I have made my peace with exclusively pumping for the first year as necessary.

I love you to pieces my darling daughter.


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  1. Rachel M. says:

    You are so determined to pump for a year! I’m coming up on 8 months and Charlotte has decided to wean herself. I’m not sure if I will keep going after 8m. I guess it depends on any international travel plans from work. I might be going to Asia in April and that would put me around 10 months. I guess time will tell.

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