Gift Suggestion for New Moms

If you have a baby who likes to be carried or worn, do I have the perfect suggestion for you…

The BECO Baby Carrier

A dear friend who has a baby 2 days younger than Elanor bought one for herself, and then ran out and bought them for the three friends she had (including me) who also had new babies.

With my existing back issues, I had been a strong advocate of the MOBY, and I’m still a fan, but there are issues with it.  Namely that I live in the Northeast and it’s winter.  What does that have to do with anything, you may ask.  Well, if I want to go out I either have to walk around ALL THE TIME with the MOBY on in case I want to put her in it or I have to risk having the ends touch the wet snowy sleety gross ground.  If you’re unfamiliar, the MOBY is a 5 yard piece of fabric that you wrap around your body to hold the baby.  It’s effective and because it goes over both shoulders I find it distributes the weight of the baby such that you can wear them a long time before your back starts to hurt.  However, there is a learning curve in learning how to wrap the thing and how to put in and take out your baby.

The BECO carrier is like a backpack you wear on your front.  There’s a strap that goes around your waist, one that fastens near your shoulders (I recommend fastening it and putting it over your head), and two straps that fasten near your breasts on either side.  You can also in theory use it as a backpack or to help a hip carry (with or without back support), but Elanor is too wee right now to try either of those carries.

It is a pricey carrier, but my friend found them super cheap on a local website, so I’d suggest looking for a secondhand one or keeping an eye out for sales.  However, I would pay the full 100+ for one now, having used it.

I carried E around a museum for almost 3 hours with no pain whatsoever.  I peed with it on, ate lunch with it on, and sat and strolled around with her strapped to my chest.  We were both incredibly content the whole time.

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