Wednesday Night Victories and Thanksgiving Morning (CarePages Update)

Elanor had an awesome victory last night–she began breastfeeding! She went for 10 minutes at 3/4 AM, did about 10/20 this morning, and about 30 minutes at noon. Each feeding is better. She still needs to finish with a bottle, but I consider it a HUGE victory.

Last night was a bit trying as she snacked and ate every 30-40 minutes from 2 AM until 6 AM. However, this is a good sign that she’s hitting a growth spurt, and other than the exhaustion in the moment I’m happy for the good sign that she’s doing well. Thank goodness for the nurses…I couldn’t handle getting up with her at 5:30 after only falling asleep at 5, so they did the 5:30 feeding, allowing me to sleep until 9, which was enough to get me ready for the day.

Because I slept until 9/9:30 this morning, I missed rounds. However, the doctor filled me in a little later.

Elanor had dropped from potassium supplements from three times a day a week ago to once a day yesterday, and her levels are great, so today they stopped her supplement. Her pediatrician will take some blood in a week or two and check her levels. This means she will go home only on the prilosec, the blood pressure meds (labatelol) and the 3 days of the drug she’s on prior to getting her HIDA scan to see why she still has high jaundice numbers.

She also was taken off her leads today and the only thing attached/coming out of her currently is her central line. That should come out tonight at 10pm–ish after her last doses of antibiotics. This means there are no cords attaching her to anything at the moment! (The central line is basically two heplocked IV’s coming out of her femerol artery.)

The MRI results were mostly encouraging. The bleed itself is showing natural progression and resolution. However, it looks like there may have been some damage to the white matter (which controls movement, as opposed to grey matter which controls thought). Neurology is going to have Physical Therapy/Early Intervention look at her and give us exercises to do to keep an eye on her range of movement. Currently they feel that her arms are a bit stiffer than they were a week ago…I don’t see it, but I believe them. They think her long term prognosis is excellent. Her next MRI will be sometime between March and May depending on when the doctor wants it.

Things are still looking like she’ll be home tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’ve posted some new pictures.

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