Tuesday Rounds (CarePages Update)

Elanor has been doing an awesome job with eating…even eating more than 45 cc’s (her required amount) on a regular basis since midnight last night. She may be able to get her feeding tube out tomorrow if she keeps this up! She even breastfed a little, and we’re talking to a lactation consultant today or tomorrow once nutrition says it’s okay.

The biggest news, however, is that they are talking about Elanor going home on Friday! Personally, I don’t know that I believe it will happen, but it’s exciting to be able to start getting the plan of action together.

She will definitely be going home on blood pressure medication. I gave her her dose this morning, and it reminds me strongly of giving medicine to the cat, except that Elanor is easier to give medication to than Lady is. She actually remains fairly still and swallows her medicine. I actually had to give it to her twice as she spit it (and some milk) up once and since it was within 30 minutes, I had to give it to her again.

She will probably go home still on supplemental nutrition (aka, mixing formula into her breastmilk in a bottle) but the goal is still to get her to breast.

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