Mom’s on duty because Dad is sick (CarePages Update)

So we have the classic good news/bad news.

The good news is, as I noted earlier, that Elanor might be coming home on Friday.

The other good news is that her feeding tube was taken out earlier since she’s been eating like a champ and hasn’t needed any supplementation in over 48 hours.

The bad news…

Ravi is sick. Throwing up with a fever sick.

He was on duty last night, so we are not only worried about his health, but if he may have exposed Elanor to anything. It’s sad but we’re hoping he has a simple case of food poisoning, or a bacterial thing. Either would be things that she’s protected against. If he has a virus, none of the antibiotics she’s on would protect her.

I’m waiting to talk to the doctor to see if they want him to go to our PCP to take a look at him and make a judgment as to what he might have.

This also means I’m on duty 24 hours instead of 12 hour shifts…luckily Ravi’s parents can come and do a few hours for me each day. Tomorrow his mom will come and take care of Elanor for 5 hours or so, which will allow me to go back to the hotel, shower, and nap.


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