Dr’s Advice about Ravi (CarePages Update)

I talked to the doctor about Ravi and here’s what she said…

Ok…so here’s the scoop

1-Stay away from her until Ravi’s fever has been broken for 24 hours
2-Wear a mask around her (like when feeding/holding/etc her…not when she’s like 3 feet away or in the next room) for the next 48-72 hours (if that includes some time at home, they’ll send me home with some)
3-They suggested seeing a PCP/Urgent Care if he’s still running a fever tomorrow…if he’s not, it’s his call.

When it comes to Elanor…

1-If it’s a bacterial infection, she’s totally covered because she’s on such heavy duty meds, there’s no risk of her getting it
2-If it’s food poisoning, she won’t get anything
3-If it’s a virus, she should be able to fight it off…it wouldn’t keep her here longer…they’d just teach me to suction her nose or whatever

We’ll watch her closely, but thus far she hasn’t exhibited ANY negative signs
1-She is actually eating MORE than usual (she took her 60 and then another 20 about an hour/90 minutes later this last feed)…and they think she might be getting ready for a growth spurt
2-Her temp/pulse/heart rate/etc have been great

If she were getting sick, her temp would be wonky, she’d be hard to wake, and she’d be off her feeds…basically the kind of stuff we saw the weekend before we brought her to the ER.

Thank goodness for my in-laws, who will be backing me up until Ravi’s back on his feet.

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