Elanor’s afternoon and evening (CarePages Update)

So Elanor enjoyed watching the Dolphins game with her father and grandfather. Unfortunately, her streak as a lucky charm came to an end as the Dolphins lost. Hopefully, she’ll start a new one next week.

Beyond that, she had a good feeding at 3pm (taking the full 45 ccs without needing her feeding tube). Unfortunately, her 6pm feeding didn’t go as well – she took the full feeding without her tube, but it was a fussy, strenuous feeding and she coughed up some of it. šŸ˜¦

Her blood pressure was high again tonight, so it is being monitored more closely. She hasn’t started an ACE inhibitor yet, but that’s looking more likely. Unfortunately, they might need to look at something else as Elanor has a number of relatives who’ve had serious coughing when on an ACE inhibitor. We’ll see.

In the meantime, she got her last dose of labetalol a little late, so we had to wait a little longer for it to take effect. Her most recent blood pressure is 108 / 59. This isn’t great, but it is better than it was. Elanor also has a new nurse. This nurse is on from 7pm to 11pm, after which last night’s nurse will take over.

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