Research Study Info (CarePages Update)

Because we were asked 🙂

Elanor is participating in a research study here at MGH.

MGH’s radiology lab is doing a research study to test a new sort of imaging technology for the brain that uses light rather than sound waves as an alternative to ultrasound and possibly other imaging technology. Because Elanor is getting Ultrasounds, CT scans and MRI’s on her brain, we were approached to see if we would mind them including her in the study. This would allow them to do a light scan on her the same day as the other scan so that they can compare images. As it is not an invasive technology, radiology comes to her, and it only takes about a 1/2 hour tops, we consented. She has had two light scans and will probably have one to two more, depending on what neurology wants in terms of ultrasounds/mris/ct scans.

We wouldn’t have consented if it were a study that would require poking her with needles or anything that would upset her as the poor thing is getting poked enough, but as this is basically them putting something soft next to different spots on her head, it seems only right to give something back to the people who are helping her get well. And maybe it will help another little baby in the future.

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