My day shift (CarePages Update)

I finished lunch (and took care of some other details) just before Elanor’s next feeding, which was also around when she finished today’s participation in the research study (so it was convenient timing). This was another uncooperative feeding, unfortunately. She took about 5 ccs before spitting up (though she’d had a burp coming – the nurse used to tube to remove the air from her tummy) and then took less than another 5 before going to sleep. So she got the rest down her feeding tube.

Elanor was apparently being lazy because 30-45 minutes later she woke up and started having an active period. I took some video and watched her hiccup and do all sorts of other cute things. I didn’t get her cutest moments on video because she saved those for when I’d put the camera today, but what are you going to do?

Her blood pressure was still high (probably from the blood she got), so Elanor got an extra labetalol dose (and her regular dose was increased). We’ll see how that goes. She had small residuals from her last feed when the nurse checked (during her hiccups), so that was good. In the meantime, she’s still being active, so I’m going to go back to playing with her…

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