Rounds were quick today… (CarePages Update)

I think one sign that Elanor’s getting better is that rounds were relatively quick today. Her EEG is back and looks better than her previous one (which is why they stopped the anti-seizure medication). We’re going to have to wait for neurology to put together the full picture on that, though.

Elanor’s still having trouble with her feeds and maintaining her potassium levels, but that’s not unusual given the strain she’s been under. I asked when the feeds become a particular concern and got a fairly cute answer back – we’re going to be worried about her feeding for years ;). While the answer was cute, it was good to hear another attending talk in terms of the long term.

Elanor also had a bit of trouble maintaining her blood pressure overnight, but they were not overly concerned about the incident.

The big event today is the bone MRI which should lead infectious diseases to make a final call about how long Elanor will be on antibiotics. That will help her team decide what to do about her femoral line. My guess is that if infectious diseases is talking about a relatively short time, they may keep the femoral line and/or take their changes with peripheral IVs. If ID wants longer antibiotics, they’re going to have to put in the jugular-based central line they’ve been talking about. We don’t know about the cutoff either way, but it looks like a lot of news is due soon.

No specific word about moving her to the pediatric floor. I think Crystal and I are hoping that means it won’t be today (as we’re hoping to take a bit more of a break tonight and that’s easier if she’s still in the ICU getting constant attention). We’ll see.

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