MRI Results and Elanor’s Day (CarePages Update)

The MRI took a few hours…it’s a slow process and they wanted to do it without sedating Elanor. So she was fed just before going into the machine and slept through the procedure, which is a fairly slow one.

The good news is that there is no infection in the bone.

There was something that looked like inflammation/infection of a muscle, but when surgery took a look at her muscle, they didn’t think it was serious and that if it was an infection at all (they don’t think so) it would be treated by the antibiotics she’s already on.

The team also decided jointly with the surgical team to leave her central line in for as long as they can. Right now it looks good, and we basically need it for another 10 days, so they’ll keep an eye on it, remove it the second it looks like it’s not working or if the area around it starts to show that it would be better out than in and then we’ll reassess depending on how many days she has left on antibiotics. The hope is that given some more days for her veins to heal, an IV might become an option for the last few if needed.

Her feeds are not going as well as they were yesterday. She’s tolerating the food, but doesn’t have the energy to wake up every two hours to drink from her bottle. She’s doing a million times better than she was 11 days ago when she got here, but she’s still pretty weak and exhausted. So most of her feeds are still going down her feeding tube.

Tomorrow the social worker is going to show us the pediatric floor in hopes that it will calm us (me) down a little. I personally have a lot of anxiety about her being around other kids after what we’ve gone through.

Tonight we’re taking a break and both of us will be at the hotel since she’s still in the PICU and has a dedicated nurse.

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