Sunday (CarePages Update)

Except for the Dolphins game (see pictures), today was pretty quiet. Only one specialist (infectious diseases) came to visit Elanor today. He was happy with her progress in general. As we’ve probably mentioned, Elanor’s looking at a 2-week course of antibiotics, unless it turns out she has a bone infection – in which case it will be more like a month. She’s going to get a bone MRI next week to sort out that possibility.

Elanor’s CT scan showed “normal evolution”, which is what we want to see at this point. One of the current concerns, though, is that her brain bleed is an unusual consequence of her ordeal. It is a possible problem, but rare, so the doctors want to be sure there isn’t something else that contributed to it. That means we’re due for a visit from hematology tomorrow, I think.

Beyond that, Elanor’s been hiccuping a fair bit since her breathing tube was out. She was known for her hiccups in utero and on the outside, so it is good to hear them again. She’s squeaking a bit right now as I’m typing… We love our squeaky turtle.

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