Okay, deep breath…

I needed that rant.

The bottom line is that I deal much better with one type of doctor’s bedside manner than the other.  We got the MRI results and they showed that there were no clots, and no need for the scan that the neurologist wanted.

Elanor’s breathing tube was removed as was her arterial line.  She is down to two IV’s and a feeding tube.  The feeding tube is a necessity until she’s ready to try and swallow and can safely process food.  Right now she isn’t peeing as much as she should so the docs will keep an eye on her kidneys.

Things are better now.

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One Response to Okay, deep breath…

  1. Rachel M. says:

    I’m so glad to hear this! Agreed that some doctors would do better to keep their mouth shut. I guess they feel the need to let us know best and worst case scenario.

    I understand that you don’t believe in God and I do but I still don’t understand why these things happen. I just know that I do get answers and comfort through prayer and I’m praying for you and your baby all day. It’s really great to hear she’s doing better.

    I really hope you get to hold her again soon. She knows your voice and your touch and it is really healing to her to be near you. I know babies don’t show much reaction in the first month but they love being with their mom.

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